May 29, 2010

Shaun's Aha Moments... In ‘Mother’s Pearl’, the author has selected 27 of such moments that have altered the course of his life. Moving, honest and from the heart, ‘Mother’s Pearls’ is a true treasure – a beautiful necklace with its stones of wisdom, bright and timeless to treasure.’ by Kevin J. Cottam Recently I had a profound, somewhat eerie experience... and it unfolds like this. Less than a month ago I was doing dishes in my kitchen in Edmonton, Aberta, Canada. On a mission no less, having being somewhat under the negative spell of "messy house = messy mind", details of housekeeping had been in neglect. I nmy defense some renovations had been occuring in my home and that pesky dry wall dust, and items related to this prioject had seemed to creap up on me. Normally being somewhat particular about keeping house, I was swiftly cleaning the mess as I simply couldn't take it any longer. The house needed to be cleaned top to bottom, and this started with the kitchen. I was rushing about and cleaning the accumulated dishes of which had over flown from the single sink. (It is a 1954 post WW2 home) Anyways, so there I am... cleaning away... the sink full of warm, soapy, lavendar smelling water from the new bottle of soap I purchased that afternoon, and throwing anything dish washable into the tall stack of white fluffy bubbles. After having the counter cleared, and soaked the dishes (I pre-wash in the sink), I reached my hand down into the soapy water and freed the drain. As the water was draining for some reason I stopped being somewhat absorbed and in deep thought on a couple major upcoming projects, when suddenly the strangest thing happened as the water gently receeded leaving some bubbles, and again, that amazing lavendar smelling foam. (Bless) Having bright halogen track lighting in my kitchen of which I have freshly re-finished, lay before me the oddest thing. Out of the sudsy water, appeared of what appeared to be a bubble stuck to the glass. Curious, I lean in closer, actually moving to the side so the bright halogen beam directed over the sink would illuminate the glass further and give me more detail. As I looked down I couldn't believe what I was seeing. "AHA", there at the bottom of this short drinking glass was a chip! It is at the bottom at a 35 degree angle, thereby picking up the light. It was almost like the cut of a diamond, it was somewhat brilliant! Since that day, I have been treating the glass somewhat like a trophy and keeping it on the front door book case. I often stop to look...


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